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02 June 2013

The Beggar of Forgiveness


The Beggar of Forgiveness is the kind of person who creeps you out when you see them coming your way. It's kind of like a smelly, dirty homeless guy making his way straight at you. Not good.

Or is it?

The Beggar of Forgiveness represents a way of living that seems to be lost and tone deaf in the constant ear noise of social media, the high-pressure steam whistles of work and home, and the 12-round boxing matches of working harder for less and less. That's because The Beggar of Forgiveness is all about for-giving. Not so much about the Fallacy of Taking and Forgetting.

The Beggar of Forgiveness disputes the so-called wise saying, "Give and then you will receive." 

He believes, instead, in "Give". Pretty simple.

Since he is a poor beggar, no one sees that he has anything of value worth 'taking' - so, he pretty much walks down the streets ignored and unacknowledged. Many people claim that's the way it should be for a beggar, as they scurry by in their shiny clothes of "I'm Incredibly Worthy, Unlike You".

For a while he tried an obvious strategy, pointing to the sun and saying, "It's perfectly natural to give. That's all the sun does. It simply gives. It never takes. And look at the results."

But that statement got him in trouble with many in the spiritual crowd, who were certain he was advocating sun worship, rather than harvesting sinners for their side of the street. 

So his Beggars License was stamped with a 'Cease and Desist' order, which had him wondering if it was a recommendation to cease from giving or to desist from pointing out that the sun exists.