"When I forget my ways, I am in The Way"

10 September 2016

the masks we wear

Wisdom for the ages

The only people who say young people are smarter, are the ones who aren't old yet. They're not yet smart enough to see the difference. But don't try to tell them that, because they're already more than convinced you're stupid.

08 September 2016

Putting them in their place

The longer I keep things at a distance, the closer they get.

Titles for the entitled

I get upset with the rudeness, with being brushed aside from my place in line while three or four or ten carnivores take my place because they’re entitled. Rudeness is no longer the isolated incident. Nope, that virus has long escaped the laboratory. If we’re not careful, every last bit of gentleness and consideration in the world will disappear, forever. Because people like me get to a point where we’d rather just die and leave.

07 September 2016

he stopped seeing the halos

cat doors

When our minds are so busy thinking, there's no room for thoughts. It's like a room full of cats with no door: there's only room for cats. Add a door, and cats can come and go.

04 September 2016

the final continuum was by no means the last

"In the beginning" never happened. Until someone saw it. Saw it, indeed.