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02 June 2013

The Out-of-Context Nun of Displacement


Every once in while we encounter someone, including ourself, who simply doesn't fit in anywhere. It's not so much the clothes, in this case a nun's various habits, but far more the situations. A piccolo player pretty much doesn't have a place in a rock band. No matter how hard she tries.

And, one of the main problems, in a situation like this, are all of the ready-made tailors, who are quick to suggest we step into the Fitting Room of Really Somethingness for some tailoring and adjusting.

"You will look and feel great when we get done fitting you, ma'am," the tailor exclaims with chirpiness.  "You just need to do this or that, and you will be like all the rest of us! Happy as a bird!" Birds, of course, have all sorts of challenges in life, but that seems inappropriate to mention when staring into The Mirror of the Chirpy Tailor. But the Nun is thinking that.

The Out-of-Context Nun of Displacement simply sighs at the sight in the mirror. The makeover doesn't fit. Never does. But then again, this is her destiny.

The reason it is her destiny, forever dissatisfied with herself and her place in the world, is simple: the world is often an entirely dissatisfying place. So she is being entirely true to her nature. And to Nature.

But this can be excruciatingly challenging, particularly when she looks around and sees so many people fulfilled by family or careers, happy and bubbly, all full of 'Zip a dee doo dah'. Maybe they've all drank the Kool-Aid, she wonders. But what if they haven't? Or have?

The Out-of-Context Nun of Displacement often finds her self living in a cell of solitary confinement which, for her, is not necessarily always beneficial. Thus, joining a "Holy Order of Becoming a Little More, Rather than Less" can bring her closer to the world of satisfaction. 

That's because The Monastery of Nothingness provides free weekly hayrides into the Nothingness, where all is well and The Out-of-Context Nun of Displacement finds herself -not necessarily for the first time.