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22 April 2017

My Ecumenical Cap

My Ecumenical Cap

I got a new cap today.

Well, actually I got it over a month ago, but I had to exchange it for a bigger size.
It seems my head is bigger than my size. Not that I didn’t measure it before it was ordered. I did. But despite that, my head is bigger than I seem ready to acknowledge. At least by some measure.
Anyway, the thing is, my brother gave it to me as a gift. He knows I have something of a fetish for a particular style of cap. It’s basically a skull cap, but it has a specific way it’s designed… and stitched.

It’s important to get the stitching and patterns right when you’re placing a cap on your head. Which might seem to be something of an unnecessary encumbrance. Stitching, that is. Because being particular about stitching and design can rule out a lot of hats and caps.

But the thing is, just as clothes can make the man, design and stitching communicate a message. Even if I’m the only one who understands the language. So let me explain.