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26 March 2017

Bookstore coffee

Tripping out in the local bookstore — no drugs or pets allowed

I hope we’ve not descended so far into the muck of mudslinging and domineering power grabs that we can’t still write and live centered in a kind heart and a thoughtful mind.
I stop by the Barnes and Noble Starbucks coffee bar nearly every night. It’s a bit of a ritual. After a while you notice the regulars. Some are students, or maybe the occasional tutor sneaking in to claim her piece of camouflaged chalkboard. But being a bookstore, many of the regulars tend to be quiet folks. Studious, contemplative, polite. Some, like me, are older.
The older ones tend to notice. They see who comes in night after night, or who is considerate or respectful. Things like that. They go about their way quietly, but they’re noticing along the way. That’s their way.