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30 May 2013

The Nun of That


This is a very sensitive position within the Order. It's sensitive because it requires a delicate touch.

Monastics and non-monastics around the world, both living and dead, are often quick to declare something right or wrong. Particularly when someone else is wrong. It just feels so good to vanquish our enemies - once again flexing our superior, smart and amazing awesomeness.

In issues of right and wrong, and in times of 'freedom of expression' and particularly of judgment, opinions fly through the air like angry swarms of mosquitoes. The Nun of That is a person whose role is to help stop that. She eradicates the itchy bites of judgment.

The Nun of That, however, is cast a tough hand: she has to help prevent judgment - without judging. She has to help neutralize the world of right and wrong - without accusing others of being right or wrong. Or of being smugly self-righteous in her own secret thoughts. Not easy.

She's a rare find, a high-wire acrobat of the eternal. Her nunly one-room cottage resides quietly between the forest and the field, sitting in the center of a still pond. It's a fine line and delicate balance - living in the vast, unknown world that lies between right and wrong.

So, the Nun of That is also about More of This.