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21 June 2013

The facing of life and death


To find increased health and well being in death, we must see ways to be healthier and have well being even when considering death. To do this, think of dying and living in the moment you are currently in. Decide what you want to surrender and what you want to attain. Place yourself in the moment in a position where you can conceive the letting go of the negative and the embracing of the positives.

Practice doing this on some basic ones first. Choose something negative and positive and position yourself between them. As you let go of the negative, embrace the positive. As you move into the positive, let go of the negative. Convert the negative into positive.

This is the facing of life and death and your practice can evolve into more substantial examples. This is the point of Arjuna facing the battle in conversation with Krishna. This is the Medicine Buddha's practice. This is the Christian conversion. This is the focus point within the heart and eye where we center our awareness.

The point is not to die and face death. The point is to live when facing death and to die when facing life by letting go of the negative, embracing the positive and centering in the moment to continuously engage in further practice.

When you practice, choose practical examples. Get to truly know the practice and evolve your applications. Don't limit the practice, but do make it practical and real.

--- Great River Institute, October 14, 2009, Scott Walter, Sensei