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17 May 2013

"Chew and Swallow Now"

The Master's stroke is right. Each stroke contains the Truth. How many strokes are in a conversation, how much Truth can one endure? 

And when one has endured as much Truth as one can endure, then one has absorbed the Truth to the limits of the Laws of Absorbency. 

When those limits are exceeded saturation has occurred, and when saturation has occurred the whole question arises: Is this person, whose level at absorbing has reached saturation, been outfitted with the benefits of a well engineered design? 

Specifically (and I might add there should be great appreciation for the specific), is this person outfitted as a bypass or thru-flow filter? Because if they're bypass, then after saturation additional Truth will pass them by. However, if they are thru-flow then additional Truth will flow through them. 

And what a wonderful thing it is when one has the benefits of thru-flow design and the Truth is flowing through them.

Obviously, this opens up additional issues of ethics and the applications that will result as the Truth passes on into one's environment, the individual's nature and inner relationship, specific goals (positive or negative), and corruption or honor-based influences of the inherent design. 

Sensei says, "Chew and swallow now." 

Sensei. "The Master's Stroke". Field Note, Advanced Class. Montvale: Great River Institute, 8 March 1997