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26 May 2013

The journey of the monastic

Some monastics prefer a course of study. Others prefer a nap. It's all good.

In the monastery or convent, we enter a series of rooms. Each room has someone sitting in the room. Upon entering the room, they hand us a small slip of paper. On the paper is written a single word, a universal principle for us to practice while we sit in the room. We practice the single word, that particular principle, until we can apply it in any situation or circumstance. Arising, we open the door to the next room.

1. Sage - the man or woman of wisdom or inexperience who, upon arriving at a certain moment in their life, realizes they are coming up short. This realization is a root of wisdom. The principle in this room is Balance.
2. Supplicant - a state of mind suggestive of wishing or hoping there to be a better way of living. The principle in this room is Adaptability.
3. Beggar - upon arriving at a state of humility, the man or woman of wisdom or inexperience, is willing to do whatever they need to do to find their answers. The principle in this room is Interaction.
4. Scribe - writing, music, art and nature are often turned to by the Scribe, to find inspiration and to find a deeper form of an inexplicable 'something' within him or her self. The principle in this room is Movement.
5. Hermit - a time comes when the monastic needs a retreat, to go into a cave or solitude, to reconsider and perhaps re-map their life and goals. The principle in this room is Mechanics.
6. Wanderer - emerging from solitude, the monastic embarks on a journey to give expression to that which they cannot explain. The principle in this room is Energy.
7. Simpleton - the simpleton begins to realize that the state of 'not knowing' is only the beginning of a boundless journey. The principle in this room is Harmony.

The principles shown in each 'room' are based on the Seven Fundamental Principles for Standing int the Face of the Truth, as taught by Great River Jiu Jitsu.

 -- [a href="https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5Wu2nDStgwqR0VVczR5NWxfczA/edit?usp=sharing"]INTRODUCTION TO THE SEVEN FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES[/a]