"When I forget my ways, I am in The Way"

Philosophical and experiential notes on Nothingness, with supporting insights from martial arts, quantum physics and Taoism

23 July 2017

Failures or flowers?

Disciples of the Nothingness suffer.
I know. I'm one of them.
And I recognize them.

The thing is,
they can't help but reveal themselves.
But it's not that they're out to show themselves.
They're not like that.
Not at all.

Try walking around one day
like they do,
all disturbed and perturbed.
You'll see.
It's that whole 'I don't fit in thing.'

And saying that phrase out loud -
'I don't fit in' -
sounds the same to them
as it does to anyone else.

Except it's different.
For them.

This tale of an unassuming flower.
And how finally,
one day in a field all alone,
it blooms.
Where no one ever goes.

Trampled weed flowers
alive and dismissed
unseen in their hut,
growing in some village,
abandoned in distant fields.

they will likely be

But does a flower really fail?