"When I forget my ways, I am in The Way"

Philosophical and experiential notes on Nothingness, with supporting insights from martial arts, quantum physics and Taoism

07 August 2015


As early as the 1980s, the ability of consciousness to effect matter was being discovered and revealed. At the same time, the old, well established paradigm that the mind was restricted to the brain was beginning to be demolished. Consciousness was not only being viewed as residing throughout the entire body, it was being viewed as extending beyond the body. These were highly disruptive propositions.

If we were to assume these theories to be true, the implications - as we begin to bore into substantial experiments in the field - begin to reveal that the nature of reality is formed by consciousness. The implications of this catapult us far past parroting eastern mysticism and its teachings of 'oneness', because science forces us to delve into the day-to-day practical ramifications. It brings us front and center with the far-reaching effects of our own will. We are what we - and others, collectively - will.

— John Hagelin