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27 December 2013

The Mystery of the Plucky Thumb

The Mystery of the Plucky Thumb 
'Likes' and Their Feverish Implications

Have you ever noticed that when it’s called ‘Like’ rather than ‘Recommend’, well, it just seems easier to Like? Is it because Like is shorter, has less vowels, less consonants? Or is it because Recommend suggests a greater investment and commitment?

Maybe Recommend implies taking a firmer stand, while Like is all about shifting sands. Perhaps one is interpreted as being a bit more absolute and certain, while the other is suggestive of being adrift in The Firm Relativity of Absolutely Unclear Definition. Therefore, I will Like at least a hundred times today. Which will make my equally unclear and undefined friends very happy. That I Like them. Or something.

Of course, what’s a bit odd is that they both feel equally gratifying when received. Which suggests that we are happy with praise whether it is genuine praise or relatively uncertain praise. It’s praise man.

These are the deeper mysteries, and it’s a not-so-rare man or woman who will take on The Holy Vows of Praise and Glory, if for no other reason than to take pleasure in distilling their life, cat pictures and meals into praise-worthy snapshots. Praise be. Amen and Amen.

What is the value of all these Likes and Recommends? Maybe they can be accumulated into a big pile and sold later in a Second-Hand Like Store. Perhaps like Bit-coin it’s speculative. So if I get enough of these things I will become wealthy, or I can trade them for Pepperidge Farms fruitcakes. Or something.

Speaking of Something, have you ever noticed how much Somethingness is going on these days? As in, “I’m-Really-Something”… uhm, you know, just in case you haven't noticed?

What’s up with that? Is it related to the 1% and their “I’m-Truly-Better-Than-You-or-I-Wouldn’t-Be-So-Amazingly-Rich” addictions? Kind of a “Trickle Down Somethingness” effect?

Maybe it’s all wrapped up in being popular. But those kids were nearly always snooty and condescending. So, spare me from that, oh Gods-of-How-Great-I-Am. I'll just stick with practicing how to talk to goats.